Social SharingWe have begun rolling out major changes to our web sites, and will continue to do so in the next few months. You will notice that there is now social sharing icons on the left hand side of our web sites. These will help you to share either the main page of our sites, or else you can share the individual accommodation places.

Other improvements include having a lot more properties within our web sites, including some price comparisons, so you won’t need to check out other sites to compare. Simply go to our web sites to find the best prices.

Search is much faster, as we are using faster and better methods to return results. Not only this when the searches are taking place you will now be informed as to what is going on. We will be testing which type of results sets are to be used. If yo would like to comment then please let me know, whether you would like detailed results, or compact list type results.

Our site search will now bring back far better results also.

We are really excited about the new improvements to the sites, and will be implementing new changes soon such as better ordering of results, filtering etc. It is going to be fantastic.

You can take a look at one of our recent site changes which also lists the blog posts on the front page.

Take a look at here

See how easy it is to share the site with your friends, try it by clicking one of the icons on the left hand side. Awesome huh?

We are also looking at new features to implement.